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Carbon Steel Garden Weeding And Rooting Machine

Carbon Steel Garden Weeding And Rooting Machine

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Product information:

Type: Grass removal head
Specification: 12009A (single grass removal head)
Material: carbon steel
Applicable to: garden and horticulture


1. New and improved steel head design for weed control tools.

2.Your back and knees will feel more comfortable with this brilliant stand up design,without having to bend over,the weed puller can prevent getting your hand & clothing dirty and saves lots of time.

3.The weed puller is workable for crabgrass, thistle,tap root,crab grass,taproot,plantain,clover,burdock, bush etc,it is a good tool for your garden,backyard, patio,lawn,etc.

4. The weed claw tool also has a better a grip to make sure that even the well-established roots of weeds are removed in one go..

Packing list:

1pcs*Weed Extractor Tool (without wooden handle)

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